About Our Tours

Backroads of China Tours are designed for travellers who want to immerse themselves in the travel experience, to see parts of the country that the majority of tourists never get to see and have close interaction with the local people. We realise that China is not an easy country to travel on your own, and the south-west of China, an area that is rich in scenic beauty and minority cultures, is a challenge to even the most experienced traveller. We aim to make the process of planning and travelling this area a smooth and enjoyable experience.

How are Backroads of China trips different from other tours?

  • We promote less hurried itineraries that allow time to hike in to the lesser visited villages, to sit and watch (or even join in) those harvesting in the ricefields or to kick a ball around with the children in the local school yard.
  • We promote sustainable tourism and aim to be a blessing to the communities we visit by:
    • keeping our group sizes small
    • using guesthouse and eating establishments that are run by local families
    • hiring local guides and porters
    • using local vehicles wherever possible
    • serving the community
  • We provide our travellers with opportunity to interact with the local village people by arranging homestay, meals with village families and time to explore the villages on their own.
  • We promote cultural preservation by including demonstrations of traditional skills and encouraging our travellers to buy authentic village handicrafts rather than factory-produced counterfeits.
  • Our guides are passionate about travelling and sharing their local culture.