About Us

Backroads of China began in 2004 as a ‘hobby’ for the two of us- Wang Xin, from a small village in Henan province and Tania, an Australian who had come to teach English in China. Newly married and with a joint passion for travelling, we spent every chance we got to explore the provinces around us. We were excited to discover just how vibrant the local minority cultures were, how spectacular the natural landscapes were, and also how cheap South-West China was to travel! Wanting to give other expats in China the same experience, we launched our first join-in ‘tour’ in Hunan and Guangxi, visiting Zhangjiajiie, Fenghuang, the Dong villages and Yangshuo.

Word of mouth spread, and many travellers wanted to come back for second or even third trips, causing us to explore more routes and launch new itineraries.

Seven years down the track, Backroads of China has grown immensely. Geographically, our tours have expanded to cover Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and more recently, Sichuan and Tibet. The range of tour types has also increased with extended trekking trips and community service tours on offer as well as sightseeing trips.

However, we are still as committed as ever to giving our customers extensive, personalized attention to ensure all aspects of their trip: from the planning stage through to the travel itself, are smooth and enjoyable.