About our guides

Yue Chao Hai (Jonathan)

Jonathan was born in Zhaotong, in the north-east of Yunnan province. He moved to Kunming in 2000 to study a degree in English Language and Literature. After graduating he had the opportunity to travel in China as well as Thailand, and a passion for adventure, nature and for cross-cultural exchange was born. He began working with Backroads of China in 2006 and gained his tour guide’s licence the following year. When he’s not guiding, he runs his own guesthouse  and gift shop in Kunming.

Jonathan is a passionate, adventurous guide who gives his all to provide a rewarding travel experience for every customer.  See travellers’ comments…..

Deng Yong (Eric)

Eric was born in the city of Jishou, deep in the mountains in the west of Hunan Province. The first time he left his hometown was in 2003 when he moved to Zhangjiajie to study a 3 year degree in Tourism English. After gaining his tour guide’s licence in the same year, he began working in the tour industry, leading groups around Hunan Province. After graduating, he began working for Backroads of China as a freelance guide, extending his guiding skills and experience into Guizhou and Guangxi provinces.

He is a chatty, fun-loving guide who loves travelling and enjoys sharing the beauty of his area with people from all over the world. See travellers’ comments…..

Yang Ming Zhong (Michael)

Michael was born in the small Dong minority village of Chengyang in the far north-west of Guangxi Province. After  high school, he moved to Hangzhou and completed an Diploma in English. When he returned to Chengyang in 1998, he started the Dong Village Hotel, a simple wooden guesthouse on the banks of the village river.

Michael joined the Backroads of China team in 2004 and has led our hiking trips in Guizhou and Guangxi since then. He is a very obliging, honest man who enjoys sharing his own Dong culture and the culture of neighbouring minorities with our travellers. See travellers’ comments…..

Wu Qu (Bobby)

Bobby was born in Mapang, a small Dong village in the far north-west of Guangxi province. After high school he moved to Guilin and studied a diploma in Hotel Management, and  gained his Chinese tour guide’s licence. Seeing the number of foreign travellers in his area steadily increasing, Bobby gained his English tour guide’s licence in 2008, equipping himself to service foreign travellers. 

Since then he has worked with Backroads of China on an irregular basis, leading trips in both Guangxi and Guizhou. He now lives in Chengyang Village with his wife, Mary, who also works as a tour guide. He is a friendly, reliable guide who enjoys getting to know each and every traveller. See travellers’ comments…..

Li Ru Mei (Li)

Li was born and grew up in a very small village about 3 hours drive from Lijiang. She is from the Naxi people, one of 56 minority groups in China. She left school at the age of 15 and started studying English on her own. In 2003 her commitment and self-discipline earned her an official English tour guide’s licence. Ever since then Li has been guiding foreign groups around Yunnan province.

She has worked with Backroads of China for the past 3 years, and has become a valued member of the team.  She is hard-working, gentle-natured and and loves the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange with her travelers. See travellers’ comments…..