Travellers’ feedback on guides

Backroads of China prides itself on our wonderful team of guides. Here you can read some recent comments about each of our guides.


We both consider Jonathon one of the highlights of the trip.  What an energetic, helpful, caring, knowledgeable and fun guy!
Andrea and Todd Onken

Jonathan was exceptional.  His passion for the area and for his job was immense.
Jessica Staples

I really enjoyed Jonathan. He has such a kind spirit and is so good natured. He worked very hard to accommodate each person’s needs.
Joan McQuaid


Eric was an excellent guide for us. He connected very well with our family and was very much liked by everyone. He was very reliable and knowledgable and made a genuine effort for us to fully enjoy this trip.
Juerg Boller

Eric was an excellent guide and looked after us very well.  He did a brilliant job leading us through the maze of paths and terraces, and organising (and often cooking) the meals along the way.  The kids particularly loved Eric and his sense of humour.  
Powell family


Micheal was great.  We appreciated his quiet nature.  He provided thoughtful and intellegent answers to all of our questions, and occasionally pointed out the area’s hidden beauties, without ever obtrusively lecturing us. 
Monica Murphy

I wanted to let you know that Michael took excellent care of Amy and I. Michael is a superb guide for a professional photographer. We would love to go on another trip with Backroads of China and with Michael.
Howie Garber

Michael was very good and helpful.  His skills enriched our trip, in a way that would not have been possible to achieve for Americans traveling on their own in the area.
Karen Pratt & Bruce Rieman

Michael was great.  I like that he was from a rice farm and understood the life-style.  He was very pleasant and sincere, unlike some prior guides I’ve had for whom it was clearly just a job.
Steve Limberg


I thought Bobby and Mr Wu (the driver) were wonderful. They went beyond what was expected of them, especially as Elaine had very heavy big luggage and they were prepared to lug it everywhere! Bobby always endeavoured to answer all our questions, and was very considerate about if we were comfortable, and so on. He took us to meet old ladies weaving in remote villages, and sought out interesting things off the beaten track.
Helen Hill

Bobby was great, really sweet and efficient and flexible- he ordered lovely meals for us and never hurried or pushed us.
Jennie Foley

Li Ru Mei

Li is a gem.  She is so professional, knowledgeable, fun, flexible, honest, and easy to spend so much time with. She became a quick friend and we would use her again and again.  She understood how to pace things for our family, which included two children.  She gave us options when we needed them and responded professionally and impartially when we inquired about a change in plans to the itinerary. 
Kirsten McGarigal

We enjoyed Li’s company very much – she was a joy to talk to and spend time with.
Kate Dunham

Li was a great guide, not only was her command of English great but her comprehension of the language not just the words is a credit to her.  She is extremely friendly, courteous and has an amazing knowledge of the area.  Her ability to answer nearly all our questions was amazing. Li’s ability to speak so many languages also made our traversing through the province much easier than had we had guide only fluent in English and Naxi (or Mandarin). I highly recommend her and your tour to any future travellers.
Steve Lim