Rising entrance fees in Guangxi

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Entrance fees are on the rise in Guangxi. From March 18th, the entrance fee to the Dragon Backbone Rice Terraces was increased to 60 CNY per person and is set to rise again to 80 CNY per person from May 1st.
Entrance to the Li River Scenic Area (Yangdi-Xingping) is also rising considerably from 32 CNY per person to  80 CNY per person. For those wanting to take a bamboo raft from Yangdi to Xingping the rafting fee has now been fixed to 440 RMB per raft (each raft can hold 4 people).
An entrance fee to the Yulong River Scenic Area will also be introduced in the coming months.  We will post further information as it comes to hand.