National Day trekking tour

Looking to escape the crowds this National day? Join our 7-day trekking tour in the highlands of  of Lijiang and Shangrila in Yunnan Province from September 30th-October 6th. This trekking tour starts in Lijiang and spends three days treking from Qiaotou across to Haba Village, visiting highland lakes and Haba Base Camp on the way. After a day hiking from Haba to White Water Terraces, you then transfer to Luoji, a small Tibetan community outside of Zhongdian. From there you begin a 3 day trek up to Seven Coloured Waterall, by passing the Seven Coloured Waterfall and staying on Dijie Yak Meadow. The final day is a short trek down to Shudu Lake. We finish with a soak in the Tiansheng Hot Springs and then drive back to Zhongdian (Shangrila) where the tour finishes.

A high level of fitness is required for this trip, as we will be walking 5-8 hours each day.

The price is as follows and includes all meals, transportation, camping/cooking equipment, horses for carrying the equipment, guide’s fees and entrance fees:

1 person: 8350 RMB     2 people: 5400 RMB
3 people: 4500 RMB     4 people: 3700 RMB
5 people: 3500 RMB     6 + people: 3200 RMB